In Schools

Who We Are

We are a team of technical sustainability professionals passionate about the transformative potential of education for sustainability.

We partner with students, school principals, teachers, facilities managers and leadership teams to unlock the sustainability learning that is embedded in school campuses and operations.

Our Team

Our team of engineers and environmental scientists have expertise spanning renewable energy, air conditioning, energy efficiency, building design, low carbon transport, air quality, finance, education for sustainability, communication, and data visualisation.

Our approach to sustainability in schools ​combines practical and substantive solutions with authentic educational opportunities and school-wide stakeholder engagement​.

Our Founder – Anthony Dixon

Anthony Dixon is a renewable energy and sustainability expert and the founder of Metanoia and Helios Renewable Energy. Anthony founded Metanoia to offer schools an opportunity to make a difference to the sustainability of their campus and community through practical, accessible and effective solutions that benefit the operations of a school while also educating and empowering students.

Anthony’s diverse career has included Chief Executive Officer of ASB Biodiesel, Managing Director of Citigroup, Director of China Hydroelectric Corporation, Chief Operating Officer of ZEDFactory (a zero-carbon housing company), and Director of the Solar Electric Light Company. He holds an undergraduate degree in physics and a masters in renewable energy engineering from Imperial College and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Anthony has three children attending schools in Hong Kong.

On a Friday morning in March, 2019 over a thousand Hong Kong school students gathered peacefully in Chater Garden to add their voices to those of millions of other school students around the world calling for more urgent progress in addressing the climate crisis.

The response to this call, from educators and government, ranged from to condescension to silence with little in between.

There was barely a word of acknowledgment from those quarters of the central issue – the seriousness of the climate threat to these students’ futures.
There are 700,000 school students in Hong Kong attending 1000 schools. Many of them share Greta Thunberg’s fury that “our house is on fire and no one’s reacting”.

I established Metanoia to offer schools a better way to respond to students on this issue – not merely by making their campuses more sustainable, but by engaging together in the kind of deep transformation that a sustainable future requires and through that engagement, to “make hope possible, rather than despair convincing”, in the words of Raymond Williams.

– Anthony

“I can't think of more important work for our students to be engaged in”
- Teacher
“..the beginning of an authentic, transformational, student-centered sustainability journey. Your empathy, your conviction, your insights, your teamwork, your vision were not only incredibly motivational, but also marvelously foundational.”
- Teacher
“ Metanoia helped our school, Kellett, the British International School in Hong Kong, to undertake a green audit that would be used to set us on a path to reduce our impact on the environment.”
- Teacher
“Anthony has continued to be a great sounding board for school initiatives and a driving force of more sustainable schools in Hong Kong of which we are fully supportive..”
- Teacher