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Why We Exist

Metanoia exists to help schools unlock the sustainability learning that is embedded in the school’s campus and daily life, and to develop the capacity of students and school communities to do the needed practical and intellectual work of becoming a sustainable community.

“Education for sustainability is more than just a new curriculum. It is about how the content and the process of education can be interwoven with real-life contexts to create opportunities for young people to take the lead in building sustainable communities and societies”

Peter Senge – Author, Schools that Learn

Why schools?

The school campus is a living laboratory for investigating real world problems.

“A school is a microcosm of a city. They share similar problems, with waste, air quality, inefficient buildings, infrastructure lock-in, and carbon emissions. We see similar sociertial constraints and competing interests, just at a far smaller scale”

Just like a city – the school is constrained by the availability of space, money, time, and expertise. A school has its own politics to navigate, and of course in the school community just as in the city, the interests of its diverse stakeholders are not always perfectly aligned.

Schools present a unique opportunity for modelling sustainability solutions, rather than just learning about sustainability problems.

But at the scale of the school, the seemingly daunting problems become addressable – they show up at a scale that students can get their arms around – and change, and do so within the timeframe of their tenure on the campus.

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Maximum Impact + Ability To Act

How do you change the world?

In one sense it’s not such a big place – from person to planet is only 9 steps (10^9)

But let’s face it, trying to influence everyone just isn’t practical

On the other hand, influencing just a few people isn’t impactful

It seems there’s a trade off between what’s practical and what makes a difference

Maybe there’s a sweet spot somewhere in the middle?

Turns out it’s 10^5 …or roughly the population of 100 schools.

Which is why, at Metanoia, we’re focusing on schools.

100 of them to be exact.

Maximum impact, optimum efficacy.

And when you do the math of reaching 10,000 people

Metanoia’s​ could​ actually change the world.